To buy your first home, you will likely need a mortgage. In fact, before you even start looking at houses, you should look into your mortgage prospects.  If you have good credit, a healthy income and money in the bank, you’ll be able to secure a mortgage preapproval quickly and proceed straight to the homebuying process. But if you have less-than-stellar credit, are self-employed or have little cash to bring to the table, you’ll want to start the process way before you look at houses – maybe more than a year before.

By getting pre approved for a mortgage you will know the price range you can comfortalbly afford.  This will allow you to search with confidence with your local realtor. When you find the home of your dreams and submit an offer with your pre approval attached the seller will know your a serious qualified buyer and this gives you a much better opportunity to get your bid accepted.

Click Here to view some great information for First Time Homeowners from Fannie Mae. 

Kris Czelusniak
Kris Czelusniak
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