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If you're considering a move to the area, Kris Czelusniak is ready to help you find the right community and the perfect home. Click here.

Kris understands that moving to a new state or region is particularly hard. Everything changes. Even simple comforts that you take for granted, such as favorite foods in the grocery store, are sometimes no longer available. You’ve got to relearn the practical everyday stuff, like where your house is in relation to the schools, what the best pizza place is, and where the movie theaters are. This is stressful for sure. 

There are several great communities and neighborhoods in the Northeast Florida area. Kris can help you understand your options from city neighborhoods to beautiful suburbs and subdivisions. Before you get to town Kris can provide you with information about the school systems, crime rates for local neighborhoods, transportation, location of public services, shopping and more. We cannot forget about getting the kids on board with this move! I will include a list of fun places to go and things to do in your area: the zoo, amusement parks, lakes and rivers, entertainment complexes, etc.  Request your complimentary relocation package today 

Kris Czelusniak
Kris Czelusniak
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